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    Husqvarna have been developing robotic mowers for over 20 years. This wealth of experience, combined with innovative engineering techniques, mean that no matter what challenges you face in your garden, your Husqvarna Automower® will help achieve a perfect result. We currently have a demo Automower in stock if you want to see this amazing device in operation! Please contact us on 041-6858222 or 087-9917316 to arrange a demonstration.


    The Husqvarna Ride On Mower range offer articulated steering, unsurpassed manoeuverability and front-mounted cutting deck, the combination of control, comfort and efficiency. The Ride On Mower makes mowing and other tasks around your property/land all year round fun. And it’s hard to find places where these machines aren’t able to reach.


    A perfectly mowed lawn calls for a lawnmower that can handle both varying complexity and steep slopes. For this reason we offer a wide range of lawnmowers as well as different cutting methods to meet all your requirements. We even have some with All-Wheel Drive performance..


    A wide range of attachments and a built-in choice of cutting methods give our garden tractors excellent usability for all kinds of work. Ideal for efficient lawn care and various tasks around your land all year round.

We accept trade-in's of most machines against the purchase of new mowing systems. Please call and see how much you can get off the price of your new mower!

Mower too big or the car too small? Or just want to keep the muck out of the boot? Ask about our coolect & return available with any machine service.

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With all of the information we have about global warming and industrys' effect on the environment we all MUST do our bit to reduce our carbon emissions. This doesn't mean that we let our gardens go wild and live in a household wilderness. Alkylate fuels provide us a viable alternative to standard unleaded petrol and diesel. The video below from one of our suppliers briefly describes the values of alkyl fuel alternatives and why we should all consider a change.

As well as being environmentally friendly, Alkylate Fuels have an extremely long shelf life. You can store Aspen Alkylate Fuel for up to 5 years! 

Without boring you with the science of alkylate fuels, here are a few questions that may tell you a bit more about the value of an alkylate alternative:

1. Can alkylate petrol harm your engine?

No, quite the opposite! Alkylate petrol keeps your engine cleaner and gives better running protection, better performance and a longer service life. The principle is that the cleaner the petrol, the less damage to the engine. Compared to pump fuels, alkylate petrol keeps for approximately 10 times longer and alkylate petrol can be stored for years without losing quality; you don’t have to run your machine dry before winter and it will start much easier after long periods of being stored. Many engine manufacturers now recommend that their engines only be run on alkylate petrol.

2. How can I buy alkylate petrol?

We supply Aspen Alkylate Fuel in 5L containers.

3. Why is alkylate petrol better for the environment?

Aspen alkylate petrol contains 99% less harmful hydrocarbons compared to regular petrol. This means that the exhaust fumes become much cleaner and health risks are dramatically reduced. Compared to regular petrol Aspen alkylate petrol gives out a substantially reduced amount of substances which contribute to acidification and eutrophication as well as lowering the formation of ground level ozone which is harmful to humans, animals and plants.

4. Why is it more expensive than regular petrol?

In essence alkylate petrol is a much better fuel in all areas- a much purer and 99% cleaner form of petrol. It is an extremely clean and effective motor fuel which compared to regular pump fuel is virtually free from benzene, sulphur or other harmful substances. The availability of alkylate petrol is limited. The actual alkylation process to produce Aspen is a much more advanced and expensive process which only a few refineries in the world can produce. Even if new ways of producing alkylate petrol is developed, regular petrol will still be the dominant type of motor fuel in the world. At the same time, Alkylate petrol has many added advantages apart from the health and environment benefits, these include a better performance, easier starting and last but not least the ability to be stored for years without going “stale”. The process involved in packaging and getting the 5L can to the customer is also higher than the bulk supply costs of pump fuel which is delivered in much larger quantities in bulk tankers and sold through a pump!

5. Is it true that alkylate petrol keeps much longer than regular petrol?

Yes, that is correct. Aspen alkylate petrol has a lifespan of approximately 10 times that of regular petrol. Aspen has a storage life of 3-5 years compared to 3-5 months of regular petrol. when you choose alkylate petrol for your machines you can safely put them away over winter without emptying the tank, safely knowing that they will start without a problem come spring.

6. If alkylate is so good, why don’t we run our cars on it?

The availability of alkylate is very limited and should therefore be used where it has the greatest benefits. In small engines where emission control and catalytic convertors haven’t come as far as they have in modern cars.

Alkylate petrol suits most small petrol driven machines such as lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers, clearing saws, snow clearers, chainsaws and mopeds. Sure, even cars would run on alkylate petrol but it would be a waste seeing as modern emission standards mean that modern cars already have effective and advance emission control systems in place.

7. If I have previously used regular fuel in my engine, is there anything I should consider if I want to change to alkylate petrol.

There is nothing stopping you from making a switch to alkylate petrol! If your engine is older than 15 years then we recommend that you check fuel pipes and valves in case they have dried out, been destroyed or clogged up with soot from when you have used regular petrol. It should be noted that alkylate petrol can never do more damage to your machine because in all perspectives it is a cleaner from of petrol.

8. Can I fill up with Aspen even if I have regular fuel left in the tank?

Yes, mixing the 2 fuels is fine. See above for further information.

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